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Our origins

Rodian has always been a family-run business. Our story starts back in 1948, when the first commercial harvest took place and the “ΡΟΔΙΩΝ ΕΛΑΙΩΝΕΣ” brand was launched. Since then, our family, blessed with the experience and the accumulated knowledge of past generations, continues to offer top quality extra virgin olive oil, delicatessen, olives and tapenades.
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Our Origins

A story to success

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Who We Are Now

Herbs & Spices | Nuts | Local Wines

who we are now

In 2011, we decided to take our concept one step further and introduce to the lovers of Mediterranean diet more ingredients of Greek cuisine. Therefore, we started to offer herbs & spices, nuts, as well as local wines. 

Our philosophy

One thing though remains the same since our beginnings. Our commitment to top quality and exquisite flavor. We are passionate about delivering you, the freshest, most flavorsome products and that is what we work for, year after year, season after season.
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Our Philosophy

Quality | Tradition | Exquisite Flavor

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